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Retreat to an artist’s tiny cabin on Orcas Island

A 373 square foot cabin and a 128 square foot cottage on nearly an acre


A cabin with a cottage on acreage on an island is outstanding, particularly for someone who can appreciate it and afford the $425,000 price.

Up on Orcas Island is a tiny cabin, a 373 square-foot place that was built in 1982 on 0.88 acres. It sits on a grassy knoll about two miles from downtown Eastsound with a view to the south and east.

It may only have one bedroom (possibly in the sleeping loft), but looking around the place suggests several places to snuggle in for a nap, or opportunities to host guests for a short while—this place will probably attract visitors.


The bathroom, naturally, has a clawfoot tub, rather than something common and conventional. Showering may require a small project.

Look throughout the house for the details that show artistry: the blue door, the live-edge strip along the loft ladder, the tile mosaic around the base of the cozy wood stove, and undoubtedly more. Even paint spatters can become part of the decor.

Add an extra 124 square feet from a finished porch to the total square feet, a vantage point perched above the steep stairs and inevitable view.

As if one tiny house on a large lot wasn’t enough, there’s a cottage for the cabin. The 128 square foot retreat from the retreat has an arched door that leads into a room filled with shelves and lights, a great space for writing, reading, thinking, or retreating.

Wrap the tiny houses in gardens and fruit trees and create a romantic setting inside and out.

The property celebrates tiny living, and yet also has room for expansion because the septic system is sized for a three bedroom home. Maybe another tiny or two?