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Seattle rent comparison: What $1300 rents you right now

Which one would you rent?

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent for a certain dollar amount in the Seattle area. We've found six listings within $100 of today's price: $1300.

A bed inside a sleeping nook in a studio apartment. You can see the rest of the apartment through a window in the wall.
The living room of a studio apartment. The sleeping nook is through a window on a half wall to the left. The kitchen is also to the left.

↑ This new-construction studio apartment in Lake City has an in-unit washer and dryer and an adorable little sleeping nook, plus common amenities like patio space, a gym, and a game room. It rents for $1,299 a month.

The exterior of a building has two segments, accepted by tall arches
A living room with a balcony through a sliding glass door to the right and an orange accent wall on the left.

↑ In Northgate, this glamorously-arched building has a 550 square foot studio apartment with a balcony for $1,325. Common areas include two outdoor swimming pools, a game room, and a lounge.

An apartment building has a carport below and large balconies above.
The interior of an apartment with sliding glass doors to a balcony

↑ This Magnolia one-bedroom within walking distance of Discovery Park has a large balcony. The small-pet-friendly building is close to an off-leash park, too. It rents for $1,295. (Photos are of a similar unit.)

A brick apartment building
An apartment interior with hardwood floors and a small dining table and a kitchen with checkerboard tile through a passageway

↑ For those looking for that cute, vintage feel, this one-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors in Lower Queen Anne goes for $1,295, not including utilities and parking.

The exterior of an apartment building features a trellis and a rectangular fire pit
The interior of an apartment features a brown accent wall on the right and a kitchen in an open floorplan

↑ This building in Eastlake has little studios in the 400 to 500 square foot range for $1,270 and $1,295, but what they lack in space they make up for in common areas, like a gardening patio. The price doesn’t include pet rent.

Corner windows show a view of the water. The corner features a long window bench.
A living room features maroon furniture and a window bench in the back

↑ A window bench with water views and a view deck with French doors both accept this fully-furnished Seaview one bedroom, just off Beach Drive in West Seattle. All utilities, including internet, are included for $1,300.

So what’ll it be?