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Relive Beauty and the Beast in Mirrormont

Gaston slept here, or should have

NWMLS / Locality

Gaston, the overly-proud hunter from the Beauty and the Beast, lived in places with rooms like these. There’s a fairy tale for everyone out there. Up in Mirrormont on Tiger Mountain is a home for a hunter, or a taxidermist, or someone who really likes stuffed animals hung on the walls, if the current decor is any indication of the possibilities.

NWMLS / Locality

The animals are the art, at least in one room that’s probably a den. One photo alone captured two dozen fish, birds, and beasts that cover the walls and floor. Each of those specimens has a story behind it—although whether that story includes following the house to the next owner is up in the air. There’s room for one or two framed paintings. Check to see if they are hunting scenes.

They’re in the bedroom, too; but not to the same extent. Here is where it becomes easier to see the 1968 Midcentury bones of the house. The exposed beams, wood-paneled ceiling, and brick fireplace with inglenook manage to peek out from behind the trophies to show what’s really for sale.

Look through the rest of the 2,108 square foot house and find three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms that are much more conventional.

A pass-through to the living room where there’s another brick fireplace, patterns built into the wood paneling, and a spackled ceiling recall the passing of the Baby Boom.

Head outside for more of the outdoorsy feel. The three and a half acres are roomy under the trees, and a stream flows through. Three outbuildings, a large garage, an even bigger shop, and a three stall barn are hints that the trophies indoors probably weren’t just picked up at the local thrift store.

The unique package is priced at $675,000, and is a reminder to check what stays and what goes when checking out a potential home. Is that really a water buffalo?