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Authentic little riverfront cabin lists at $249K

Take in the Snoqualmie from the big windows of a tiny cabin


“Home has never flooded”: That’s a great fact to know for a cabin that sits along 63 feet of the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River.

The 720 square-foot house looks bigger on the inside. The iconic stone fireplace was built for function, not for style, and yet is the sort that is mimicked in polished river rock versions in modern lodges. This is a true cabin, perhaps even built from materials on the 0.34 acre property.


Look up and find trees, not timbers or logs, but beams that were trees. Their bark intact, except where the branches were removed and knobs smoothed. The wood in the walls and ceiling is more refined, but may have had the same origin. The floor looks a bit more recent.

The one bedroom commands a view of the river from a corner that’s wrapped in mullioned windows. Wood by wood by wood construction continues the authentically rustic feel.

There are rooms that are more recent, like the kitchen and bathroom. And yet, don’t expect modern materials. Vinyl and linoleum have their practical place. The appliances may not be stainless steel, but look well suited for the space. Maybe they were part of the 2006 remodel.


Tiny houses work well with other tiny spaces, and this one is paired with an outbuilding that includes a laundry and a half bathroom. Use it as is, or take it as inspiration for other ways to utilize the property.

They’re asking $249,000 for the package. Buying into an authentic slice of 1938 might be just the tonic for stepping back from the modern pace of life.