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Play by, on, and in Gig Harbor

Don’t just look at the water—play in it


The Puget Sound’s bluffs, coves, harbors, and bays provide plenty of water views, but the real fun starts when the water is more than just a pretty place to look at. Waterfront helps. A few other touches can make playing a reality.

It may seem like a simple thing, but a boat house, even a small one, makes it much easier to launch on a whim. Park a boat inside and don’t worry about it being swept away by winds and waves, or becoming the residence for a family of otters.

This 1977 northwest contemporary comes equipped with a red shed atop of massive rock bulkhead that has a concrete ramp leading to a west-facing shore.


The $850,000 property has much more than just a place for boats. Inside the 3,616 square foot space are three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. A large rock fireplace and a tongue-in-groove ceiling are lasting features of local architecture. The multi-colored carpet is an easily-altered style choice. Those details step aside though, for the view.


Retro elements wait for updates or emphasis. The appliances are old enough to have knobs, and the cabinetry hardware has history. Some may opt for more efficiency instead, but there’s a style there.

Head downstairs to the wet bar with its wet bar, classic turquoise fridge, and lots of room for entertaining and indoor playing.

The outdoors defines the house. The sloped 1.57 acre lot provides opportunities for landscaping, but large wraparound decking and the variety found in nature may mean sitting outside is more appealing.

Playing along 130 feet of low-bank waterfront will be enough for some. Playing on the water extends beyond property boundaries.

For an uncommon bonus, dive, because the property is beside the Kopachuck State Park. Maybe that boat house will be better served as a scuba house.