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Sound Transit Lynnwood Link looking for station names

Four new stops means four new names

A light rail train with blue, green, and teal details. The LED reader on the front says “Sound Transit.” VeloBusDriver/Flickr

Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail expansion includes a stretch northward to Lynnwood slated for 2023—and the four stations above Northgate are all going to need names.

Two of those stations are in Shoreline at NE 145th and NE 185th, one at the Mountlake Terrace Transit Center, and another at the Lynnwood Transit Center.

Sound Transit is conducting a survey asking for preferred names for the stations. Some multiple-choice answers are in there to get you started—and to be honest, are likely winners, with descriptive names like “Lynnwood Transit Center”—but there’s a write-in option, so the sky’s really the limit.

Chosen names will “reflect the nature of the environment,” though, so your pet’s name probably isn’t a good choice, unless your cat is named Mountlake Terrace. Criteria also calls for brevity, no commercial references (so not “the one next to the Denny’s”), no words in existing facility names (University Station and University Street Station are confusing enough after a long day), and ADA compliance.

Sound Transit is accepting votes until April 5. The Lynnwood extension could experience delays depending on the federal budget, but the next northward expansion to Northgate scheduled to open in 2021.