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Live in vertical luxury in this $2.5M Tom Kundig condo

Millennium Tower homes are both big and tall

Dustin Bailey/Clarity Northwest Photography

For those who want the expanse of a house but crave a life among the skyscrapers, this Tom Kundig-designed luxury condo could be a dream home. A combination of wood, stone, and metal textures combine for an airy, modern home that retains character and warmth.

Dustin Bailey/Clarity Northwest Photography

The living room cuts up through the second floor for lofty, cathedral ceilings. Two floors of floor-to-ceiling windows draw Downtown straight into the living room from the east. A central fireplace reaches up through the entire height, dividing the living area from the kitchen.

A wide deck stretches along the lower floor, perfect for watching Downtown sunrises—or for having an outdoor cocktail party or barbecue. A lot of friends can fit on that balcony.

Dustin Bailey/Clarity Northwest Photography

A lot of friends can fit inside, too; at 3,000 square feet, this two-story condo is larger than many houses—just the neighborhood’s a little more vertical.

That kind of footage means zero sacrifices for size, from the luxurious amount of counter space in the kitchen to the enormous closets.

The views and open space extend to a massive master bathroom, where a picture window lets in plenty of light while still maintaining privacy over a spa tub.

The price for this much space with this central a location—Second and Columbia—is predictably steep at $2.5 million.