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Castle-like home in Magnolia has turret library

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Lock yourself away in the tower


This Magnolia home, built in 1947, looks like a piece of a fantasy epic, with its gray brickwork, parapet-edged railings and fences, gargoyles—and of course, a prominent front turret.

In lieu of a front porch, a portico takes up the bottom floor of the turret. Slim windows, a peaked entryway, and recessed shelves are ornate touches, setting the stage for the rest of the home.

The interior of a portico with stone benches and recessed shelves Windermere

Inside, the home is elaborately designed, with murals on the ceilings and even some of the walls. A stone alcove in the dining room currently serves as a bar—because in a house like this, you have to have parties.

The second floor of the turret contains a library. A bench seat sits in the window-lined curve of the turret, with a balcony right next door for taking your reading into the sunshine.

A dining room with a recessed ceiling alcove with a winged mural and a chandelier in the middle.
A stone alcove contains shelves of liquor. A wood bar separates it from the rest of the room.
A hub-like room with a rounded bay window with a bench lining it. Windermere

If the second floor interiors seem more modern than downstairs, it’s because they are; a remodel added the top floor in 1999. Other modern conveniences include a sound system wired throughout the entire house, including the backyard and the balcony.

Multiple fireplaces connect to a three-pronged stone chimney that twists together on one side of the house. Chandeliers pepper the inside of the house, even in a bathroom.

Outside, the gardens continue the castle theme by looking like something out of a storybook. A pond and waterfall sits next to a wooden door lined by ornate stone walls covered in ivy, while a path off to the side of the house leads to a high, stone wall with an iron gate.

A pond along a stone wall next to a wooden door. Windermere

It costs $2.3 million for this gothic-inspired palace.