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Denny Triangle proposed projects add up to 10,000 homes

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Residential units in the neighborhood could double

Skyscrapers reaching up into a blue sky SounderBruce/Flickr

In the coming years, the housing stock in Denny Triangle could double.

According to public records compiled by Seattle in Progress and shared on Twitter today, the area currently has around 8,000 residential units. But approved and pending construction projects in the neighborhood—for these purposes, bounded by Olive, Denny, Fourth Avenue, and Interstate 5—account for nearly 10,000 homes.

The 17 approved projects in the area only account for 3,459 of those units. Plans for 16 more pending projects include 5,990 units, so that growth isn’t set in stone yet—but it signals an increased interest in residential density.

Narrow the neighborhood boundary on the west to Sixth Avenue, and the jump gets even more dramatic: On top of around 4,300 existing units, more than 3,000 are currently in progress, with more than 4,400 pending approval.

The neighborhood’s been a hotspot for development, thanks its location adjacent to both Downtown and booming South Lake Union.

It’s also the home to Amazon’s second, downtown campus, including their new Day One building that opened last year, three buildings at the former site of the Hurricane Cafe, and a planned office tower at the former site of a Travelodge.

The only condo project approved in the area is Nexus, a high-rise scheduled for completion in 2019. The growth in the area hasn’t gone unnoticed to them—they even have a series of renderings of what the neighborhood will look like soon after their brand-new building opens.

The marketing team at Nexus has been referring to the neighborhood as the “East Village.” Time will tell whether that sticks.

Denny Regrade got its name because, appropriately, it’s where Denny Hill used to be before it was regraded. It’s commonly referred to as Denny Triangle, as well—an off-kilter street grid not only gives it a triangular shape, but occasional navigational issues.