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$2.2M Magnolia home has its own sports court

Shoot hoops with a view of Elliott Bay

A boxy, gray house with warm lights shining from the inside and a yard leading off to the left side. Windermere

This 1937 house tucked into a Magnolia hillside has a squared, minimalist exterior design, making a neutral backdrop perfect for soaking in water views. It’s also a complementary shape for the a sports court below.

Inside, hardwood floors cover the main and second floor—save for a little terracotta tile leading up the stairs. The dining room features a nearby bar area and powder room for hosting long dinner parties.

Two tan couches on either side of a black marble fireplace
A terracotta tile area with two wide stairs leading up to an open staircase, also in terracotta.
A dining room with a smaller room through a causeway in the back
A yard leading down to a sports court

Both the living room and the master bedroom boast corner views—the latter with a deck overlooking Elliott Bay. Even the basement has ready access to the sunshine; the hill opens up on the side facing the bay, giving the lower level a full outside wall to soak in the light.

If the sun’s not out, the home has fireplaces in the living room, office, and den to make up that warmth.

The backyard has a little bit of everything: a patio for entertaining, gardens, and yes, a sports court ready for tennis or shooting hoops. It even looks close to a half court.