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Condo in former Queen Anne High School lists for $800K

Space Needle views are in session


It’s like your very own lock in: this two bedroom condo in the former home of Queen Anne High School. After the school shuttered in 1981, the building was converted to residential a few years later—and was renovated into condos in 2007.

Originally built between 1908 and 1909, with significant additions in 1929 and 1955, the structure itself is an ornate, brick, Renaissance Revival building. It was designed by the Seattle Public Schools architect at the time, James Stephen, the same architect behind the Downtown Seattle YMCA.

A living room with a large multi paned window showing a Space Needle view. A orange-brown couch is to the right.
A living area transitions into a kitchen with hardwood floors and a dining counter. A loft begins at the very back, to the left of the kitchen.
From the foot of the bed, you can see the beginning of the loft from the kitchen. The bedroom is higher up, so the loft begins about halfway to the ceiling. Windermere
A rooftop deck with a view of the ornate front of the building.

Those original bones show inside the home, especially in the large, half circle windows. Another fun detail: the floorplan has multiple levels, sprouting loft space in the 14 foot ceilings in the entryway that extends to a bedroom on a half floor.

Extensive remodeling means that although it still looks like Queen Anne High School on the outside, it has all the hallmarks of a condo building. Expansive shared deck space and Space Needle views complete the package.

It costs $795,000 to own a piece of this historic building, which is on the city, state and national register—not including about $700 a month in HOA dues. Historic building maintenance isn’t cheap.

Queen Anne High School

201 West Galer Street, , WA 98109 Visit Website

Space Needle

400 Broad Street, , WA 98109