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Andy Eccleshall murals adorn a $800K Kent home

There’s paint and then there’s painting

Gerisilo's Happy Home Team

There are house painters, and then there are painters who do much more than pick the right shade of beige. Murals by Andy Eccleshall create distinctive rooms in this 5,268 square foot house in Kent. The price of $799,900 buys the art, house and acreage included.

The billiards room is the setting for one of the largest murals. It is a twilight street scene with painted doorways that blend with the real ones creating a mix of realities. The room also includes a bar that helps set the mood.

There’s no rule that says a house can only have one bar. Another sitting area has two murals, one across the face of the bar’s counter and another that is a full-height wall panel. Both are pastoral rather than urban scenes.

The Happy Home Team, John L. Scott KMS

Sticking with the beverage theme, visit the wine cellar where a mural of a vineyard seen through an arched entry to a balcony acts as a reminder of the acres of grapes that go into some collections. Check the specs for climate controls and storage capacity, or simply enjoy the art.

Two large murals are the still pictures in the moving picture room. The theater has a sunset sky on the ceiling and a western pioneer scene along more than one wall. The murals wrap the corners as the trees climb to overhang as part of the ceiling, and the vista continues into the frame of the projection wall.

The Happy Home Team, John L. Scott KMS

Murals aside, this is a house that has four bedrooms and two and three-quarter bathrooms, an office, formal living and dining rooms, an updated kitchen, and slightly rustic touches like sliding barn-style doors.

Outside is an impressive outdoor kitchen and dining area, plus the rest of the five acre property. With covered parking for six cars plus RV parking there are opportunities for more hobbies—for options more active than simply sitting inside and watching the walls.

This article has been modified since its original publication.