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Five homes for sale along Metro route 48

King County Metro’s route 48 resumes service along 23rd Avenue today—as good a time as any to see what’s for sale around the route. About a year ago, the route split into the 48 and the 45, so we won’t be traveling up to Loyal Heights. But there’s plenty to see between the edge of Beacon Hill and the U District.

A brownish three story townhouse. The front porch is gray and has a trellis on top. The townhouse next door, in the background, is orange. NWMLS
The inside of a room with hardwood floors. A fireplace is to the left and stairs are to the right. A sliding glass door leads to a deck in the back.

↑ Located near the start of the 48’s run in North Beacon Hill, this two bedroom 2007 townhouse (with a bonus room) is near the Mount Baker light rail station, too. It has hardwood floors, quartz countertops, a jacuzzi tub, and a fireplace, and will run you $533,800.

An empty, one-story restaurant with wrought iron window and door gates. NWMLS
The interior of an empty restaurant. The counter is to the right, and there’s a ceiling fan.

↑ The 48 then winds into the Central District, where this former little restaurant—specifically, the former CC’s Gourmet Burgers—is for sale as a residential building after possibly losing that commercial status. It’s not a house quite yet, but it’s listed at $599,000 for someone who eventually wants to live in it.

A pale yellow Craftsman house with yellow trim NWMLS
A kitchen with black tile and white grout, gray walls, and white trim and cabinetry. A wide, open doorway leads to a hardwood floor dining room with deep red walls.

↑ Approaching the arboretum-adjacent neighborhood that realtors have conveniently started lumping in with North Capitol Hill, this 1904 four bedroom with original millwork and all those cute craftsman built-ins is listed at $789,950. It even has a clawfoot tub.

A four story green house with a wraparound deck halfway down NWMLS
A wide, open passageway with a front door to the right with stained glass detail. French doors are in the background, framed in the open passageway.

↑ Sharing a bus stop with the previous home is this incredibly tall, rebuilt, 1910 home. While it doesn’t seem to have a much different footprint than other homes around it, it reaches deep down into the hillside and comes out at 4,186 square feet. Maybe you can split it with somebody—it’s listed at $1,275,000.

A house with a steep roof pitch and a blue-painted base with a yellowish color above. NWMLS
A kitchen with pastel mint top border paint and white woodwork, with a wood grain nook in the back.

↑ Before the 48 crosses the Montlake Bridge toward its final stop by the UW campus, it passes through Montlake, and just a block away from this dip-dyed 1929 home with a steep roof pitch. This four bedroom home with a wood burning fireplace is listed at $950,000.