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See inside Bertha the tunnel boring machine

A new 360 video from WSDOT gives you a full tour


Bertha just has a couple of blocks to go until its long, laborious journey is over, but we still have about two months left with our friend the tunnel boring machine. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) gives us an up-close and personal look inside Bertha in a new 360 video.

The tour, narrated by Alaskan Way Viaduct Program administrator Joe Hedges, shows us not only the mechanics of Bertha, but a peek of the crews that work inside the machine every day. The video even peeks inside the windowless pilot house, where crews control Bertha using sensors.

While Bertha is most easily recognized by the cutterhead up front, the video also shows the mechanism that places walls along the tunnel about 40 feet behind the drill.—and gives a sneak peek of what the completed portion of the bored tunnel looks like.

Move your smartphone up and down to look around Bertha, or click and drag on desktop, to look around the machine in the video below.

After a brief course correction, Bertha resumed digging through the final zone of its journey, Zone 10, earlier this week. Seattle Tunnel Partners estimate the machine will reach the disassembly pit in May.