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SDOT is coming after your potholes next week

They’re calling it ‘Pothole Palooza’

A pothole with a leaf in front of it Jordan Dawe/Flickr

Got some holes in your street that are really sticking in your craw? Stop typing that NextDoor post. Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is sending in the Pothole Rangers.

SDOT is launching an initiative to “aggressively repair potholes across the city” on Monday, and wants to hear all about the holes in your neighborhood’s pavement.

They’re calling it Pothole Palooza, and while it might not be as wild as some other paloozas you’ve experienced, it could make it so you don’t almost crash your bike every time you go through that one intersection.

They’re asking people to report potholes so they can send “pothole rangers” to neutralize them. Teams from SDOT and Seattle Parks and Recreation will be assigned to specific turfs.

Potholes can be reported via their Find It Fix It app, through an online form, or by calling 206-386-1218.

SDOT says that this time of year—just after winter—is the worst for potholes. Depending on what’s under the pavement and how it reacts to the freeze-and-thaw cycle, potholes can develop incredibly quickly.

This winter has been especially cold and particularly wet. This year, says SDOT, Seattle had its wettest February in 30 years.

You can track the status of your particular nemesis on the SDOT’s pothole map—or if you’re all good, you can just follow a day in the life of the Pothole Rangers with the Seattle Channel.