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This 370-square-foot house is built for a family of four

Proof of an innovative design

Tiny House Listings

Build it right and 370 square feet can be enough for a family, at least for a while. A family of four lived in this tiny house for more than two years, a testament to its careful design.

The family is moving on, so the tiny house must move on, too. They’re offering it at $35,000, just under a thousand dollars per square foot. Sounds luxurious.

Tinies can have a long list of compromises, but this one contains many conveniences of a more conventional home. It even has a laundry.

Not surprisingly, a family required two bedrooms. They added space by extending one of the lofts and adding a catwalk. Another luxury is the staircase instead of the more-common ladder. Someone had fun getting artsy with a swarm of marbles or beads ornamenting the side of the steps.

The greatest details are probably in the bathroom. A tile shower and copper tub take the room up a notch or several from the more common RV and nautical approaches. The toilet isn’t conventional, though: The Dryfresh system doesn’t require plumbing, only electricity.

An RV range saves space in the kitchen, which also includes a more trendy stainless steel sink. The kitchen must be big enough if it has been able to sustain a growing family for years.

The exterior is a shed metal roof with cedar shake siding, a very Northwest design choice. The main door slides so there’s no need to keep a precious bit of floor clear for a swinging door. A covered deck would greatly expand the available living space.

A house for less than the price of some new cars is attractive, too. Both the car and the house have the same issue, though: finding the right parking place.