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A tiny cabin with a tiny studio on tiny Guemes Island

A drone video flies the cascade of staircases

Forbes Hansen

This is a waterfront property on three sides, at least at high tide. A tiny house with a tiny studio sits on a bluff above Padilla Bay, surrounded by nature, hidden under a forest canopy, and yet only a few minutes from Anacortes. This $269,000 package is going to appeal to some minimalist, for sure.

The cabin may sit within nature, but its style is classically modern. The style looks current, but dates from 1974, a great example of timelessness. A slight shed roof is sufficient for the climate. A (short) wall of windows is just right for the filtered view of the bay through the trees.

Simplicity rules. With only 234 square feet, there’s nothing extraneous about the place. The couch is the one bed. The kitchen is a pocket fridge with whatever appliances can plug into a wall socket and fit on a counter. Put a grill outside and cook unencumbered.

For some, the toilet may be a bit dramatic. It’s an incinerator, something familiar to tiny house advocates. Make sure that lid’s closed before hitting the red button.

An outdoor shower means not steaming up the house. An outdoor sink is handy for washing the day’s catch.

The studio sits above the cabin, a small and comfortable space for working within a great view. It’s also a way to keep work and life separate.

The setting inspired the style. The property is a third of an acre with ninety feet of waterfront. The slope emphasizes the views, and also necessitates an amazing cascade of staircases from the end of the road down to the idyllic locale.

Fly down the stairs and around the property in this video to get a better feel for a unique opportunity.