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A historic waterfront estate in Camano Island for self-sufficient luxury

There’s a little bit of everything in this mix of historic and modern


Localvores may love the ability to be nearly self-sufficient on this estate on Camano Island. A well-established garden, chicken coop, and productive tidelands could mean only dropping by the local grocery for wine to pair your food with.

The property’s listing price, $5,200,000, suggests there’s a lot more there—and there is.

The estate has been dubbed the Dog Farm, and has a history of both logging and duck hunting. Four of the buildings are more than a century old. Four others are much newer. Pick from the old or the new, depending on the mood.

Somehow, these nearly eight acres of waterfront have resisted being subdivided for the last hundred years.

The main house was built in 1986 and sits as close to the bulkheaded beach and water as the boathouse. Nothing gets in the way of the view from the tall living room that proudly displays a name of Vancouver Island’s First Nations peoples: Nootka.

With that much food production, the kitchen must be a busy place. Here, the slab counters get tested regularly. They’re not there just for show.

For some old-fashioned comfort, try out the long library lining one wall; and then settle in for some quiet time. The neighbors are kept at a distance, and the fringe of trees probably provides an acoustic filter.

The listing describes six bedroom, four bathrooms, and 4,672 square feet of living space. But thanks to additional beach buildings, the whole estate sleeps twenty. One guest house adds a second kitchen, handy during harvests and feasts.

With the property only having been on the market just twice in the last hundred years, the residents have been able to take on long-term projects and truly settle in a home. Now it’s time for someone else to enjoy 225 feet of unique Puget Sound waterfront. Check to see if the chickens come with.