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5 most affordable homes in Windermere

They’re not especially affordable


It says a lot about a neighborhood when two houses above $4 million are among its most affordable. Here are the five most affordable houses in Windermere, an upscale neighborhood in North Seattle. The total value of the five is more than $12 million.

Homes in Windermere at least start below a million dollars: $895,000. For that much, get a three bedroom, two and a half bathroom, 2,580 square-foot house on a 5,227 square foot lot. It all works thanks to a few stories.

The Craftsman-influenced house was built in 1990, and looks younger. One step away from convention is the use of somewhat hexagonal arches and windows rather than smooth arches and curves. Speaking of steps, the Burke-Gilman Trail runs nearby, too.

For just under a million, $975,000, there’s a four-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2,400-square-foot house on 5,029 square feet. The numbers are similar to the previous house, but this one comes with a bit of a view, too. The outside demeanor is quiet, but the kitchen is dramatically modern, an interesting contrast in a 1939 house.

This house, like the rest of the neighborhood, is close to the Burke-Gilman Trail. Being close to University of Washington may be worth even more.

The next home jumps in price dramatically to $1,850,000. The house is bigger, with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and 3,610 square feet, but the bigger issue may be the nearly third-of-an-acre lot that packed with gardens. Nice time for the house to hit the market.

But there is more to this 1947 home. Notice the beamed ceiling in the dining room, and the scalloped ceiling over the living room. Throwing in an ADU is a bonus.

Add all three homes so far and then some to get to the price of this $4,275,000 waterfront property. The numbers don’t change much: four bedrooms, four bathrooms, 3,800 square feet, and nearly half an acre. But location is important. The northwest contemporary style wraps around a lakeside spa, indoor sauna, modern layouts, fixtures, and decor.

Bonuses include a private trout pond, lifts for bikes and gear, a deepwater dock plus a boat launch, and a private beach.

For almost the same price, $4,300,000, there’s a much bigger house—four bedrooms, six bathrooms, 7,282 square feet, and more than a third of an acre—that may not be waterfront, but makes up for that by having its own saltwater pool. The elegance inside suggests a historic home, but it was built in 2007. Check out the classic library.

Equally impressive is the tall hedge that borders the lot. It, too, looks like it has been there a long time. The electric vehicle charging station is a particularly modern touch.