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A Bellingham tiny house builder combines style and storage

Smart design makes a tiny house much more liveable

Big Freedom Tiny Homes

Big Freedom Tiny Homes is busy in Bellingham with designs that prove that living in just over 300 square feet doesn’t have to mean doing without. That’s also why the price for these stylish tinies is typically $74,000.

They work from a now-traditional layout: The living space, kitchen, and bath are downstairs, with lofts above.

The bathroom may not have a tub, but it does include a dual-flush toilet. The kitchen appliances may be smaller than usual, but they include all the standards one would get used to in a full-size house: refrigerator, freezer, cooktop, and oven. The homes even have an option for laundry.

Add in the proper flourishes, fixtures, and finishes and see the rooms take on a feel of luxury.

Furniture in the living space demonstrates an attention to detail. The built-in sofa can be extended to be a sleeper, and the cushions can be raised to expose and access additional storage.

The main sleeping space in the large loft is accessed by stairs instead of a ladder, and both sides of each step provide yet more storage.

The main loft at the top of those stairs includes a clothes rack, cabinets, and shelves in just under 90 square feet. Another, 40-square-foot loft isn’t as ornate, and is accessed by a matching ladder. It can easily be turned into yet more sleeping space, a retreat, or storage.

Coming from a builder, the construction on this tiny home is the result of more experience, which means better build, fewer issues, and more freedom. A nice combination.

Now, about where to park it...