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This has been the wettest six months on record for Seattle

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It’s been a cold, damp six months

David Lee/Flickr

For anyone watching the National Weather Service (NWS) over the past little while, this may not be a surprise: The last six months, October 2016 through April 2017, have been the wettest since recordkeeping began in 1895.

NWS’s Seattle chapter tweeted Monday morning that we’d broken the record with 44.67 inches of rain—just a few inches shy of four feet—since October 1, the beginning of the region’s water year. (Water years are used to track annual precipitation.)

For those watching the NWS numbers, this may not be a huge surprise. March of this year had the fourth-highest rainfall since record-keeping began, and the highest number of rainy days since 1989.

Between March and October, Seattle only saw nine days with a cloud cover of 30 percent or less.

Our last record-breaking wet winter, which for weather-tracking purposes is October through April, was just last year, with 38.22 inches of rain. Seattle just can’t catch a break lately.

This year was colder than last year, too—the coldest since 1985.

Still, if you’re feeling sad and dreary about our rainfall, look to Quillayute over on the Olympic Peninsula. They’ve had 116 inches of rain since October 1, just four inches short of ten feet.