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A modern craftsman pulls in views from Three Tree Point

They didn’t let the walls get in the way of the view


This craftsman sits on a quarter-acre lot by Three Tree Point, a point of land that juts far enough into Puget Sound to allow views north and south.

While the home was built in 1940, it underwent a renovation in 2004 to a more modern style. It retains the pillar, siding, and window frame treatments of a conventional craftsman, but on the water side plays with windows like most modern view homes.

The price for the home now is $1,399,999—up significantly from its last sale in 1999 for $356,000. A few changes have been made since then.

With such a prime location, why put a wall in the way? Open or slide a door or window at every opportunity. Open is also the word for the layout of the 2,520 square feet of living spaces—again, making sure walls don’t get in the way of the view.

The grandest room, which currently houses a grand piano, boasts windows on three sides catch views from three directions. The ceiling is slightly vaulted with wood paneling and a shoji screen fixture. There’s even theatrical lighting thanks to some colored filters or bulbs. A nice touch for a performer trying to practice being in the mood.

Wood, stainless steel, and slab counters define the updated kitchen. The materials work well together, and are contrasted with a bit of color from the tile backsplash. A large skylight brightens the work space.

Built-in bunk beds are ready in one bedroom. Another sits in a corner surrounded by foliage. The master gets the view and a soaking tub and shower combination that can be reached from inside the bathroom or by sliding a shoji screen that divides the bathroom from the bedroom.

When the sun’s shining, it will be hard to resist living on the patio or deck, or finding a shady spot in the park-like gardens.