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A 200-square-foot tiny home watches the water on Orcas

Live small with a big view

Courtesy of Orcas Island Real Estate

Unlike many tiny houses on wheels, this one actually comes with the land it sits on. And what land, too: three and a half acres of water-view property on Orcas Island.

Built in 2016, this 200-square-foot tiny has a lot of the features we’ve come to expect from a tiny house on wheels: a long combined kitchen and living area below, with a tinier loft for sleeping above.

Instead of the standard, boxy THOW design, the 2016 home is a whimsical custom job by Oregon-based Shibui Woodworking. An all-exposed-wood interior, including alder and Brazilian cherry, and a rounded roof seems like a nod in equal parts to its nautical setting and a traveling caravan.

The sleeping loft is 40 square feet—fit for a queen mattress. Solid Douglas Fir stairs, which double as tansu cabinetry, make for a comfortable trip up to bed.

Courtesy of Orcas Island Realty

On closer look, all that exposed wood creates ornate patterns, from the slats and exposed beams in the ceiling to the direction of the grain along the top half of the home. The exterior combines slatwall above shingles.

Ornate Italian tile on the small bathroom’s floor add an additional unexpected touch.

Wheels are often a way of getting around building codes, but that doesn’t prevent a wide, more permanent tiger wood deck around the cabin for basking in that San Juan rainshadow. It also connects the main house to a small shed with French doors for storage or additional utility.

Another feature of this property is room to grow. With a three-bedroom septic system and acres of space, a slightly bigger house could sprout up next to the itty-bitty one with minimal fuss.

The close-to-waterfront property, cabin, and all are listed for $349,000—a price that seems to take into account both craftsmanship and a location.