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A tiny house on 700 feet of waterfront lists at $360K

A log cabin, artistic touches, and the Yakima River

Via Better Properties Valley Associates

Waterfront for only $359,999? Two things help make it happen: a tiny house (700 square feet), and the Yakima River. Artistic touches are a major bonus.

At a glance, the house looks like a tiny house on wheels. It is long, skinny, and elevated. A bit of height to the front door comes in handy when the snow piles up, as it does in Kittitas County. The row of three windows is the hint that there’s a bit more width than normal, enough to make for a comfortable front porch. Those windows are the first sign that there’s some style here. The top windows are all arched, something to soften the ruggedness of the log exterior.

Step inside and realize that the log exterior isn’t just a facade. This is a log cabin, but a refined one where the logs have all been cleaned, smoothed, and dressed for a balance between rustic and refined. A practical tile floor means not having to worry about some mud or snow getting tracked inside.

Look up and see a great art piece. An arched panorama cut from a single piece of metal forms a dramatic border to the loft’s balcony. On either side are more of the blacksmith’s art in a metal railing. One side swings open at the top of the ladder that leads to the loft bedroom, the bedroom with a view out both ends of the cabin.

Back down the ladder is a kitchen with all the basics like range, microwave, and refrigerator. Because it is a great room, the kitchen is open to the mini-cathedral living space. (Does that make it a chapel instead of a cathedral?)

Behind the kitchen is the other bedroom, the one that has the luxury of not requiring a climb before climbing into bed. An added luxury is a jetted tub, something most cabins don’t have. Check out the tile work throughout.

The location will be a draw for anglers. Three and a third acres bordering about 700 feet of Yakima River waterfront means plenty of private places to fish or simply relax. That may be the most valuable part of the property.