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A midcentury modern time capsule on Mercer Island’s waterfront

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Timeless choices from 1965 are nicely retro now

Via Coldwell Banker Bain

This custom-designed and built home from 1965 is on the market for the very first time. Midcentury modern enthusiasts, take note: It has been almost perfectly preserved.

Now, it is called a midcentury modern, but then it was simply modern. The way it stands out from the land was innovative at the time. Walls of windows and a low-slope to the roof were relatively new ideas, a choice that has survived half a century of swirling design changes.

Inside, the classic wood ceiling with exposed beams dominate the decor. The floor plan is open, with enough windows to almost make it a glass house. The few walls tend to be rich wood slats, with the biggest interruption being the uncommon choice of basalt for the fireplace.

Kitchen appliances and counters seem to be newer, but rather than a now-conventional island with stools along the outside, the island is taller, creating a visual barrier the hides the messy parts of the kitchen while allowing the cook to be part of the party.

Expect those parties to drift outside as weather permits, though. The deck is large, set to the side, and uncovered. It is a nice vantage point for views, and also a place to finally soak up some sun.

They aren’t making any more shoreline, and it was a bit of wisdom to buy more than a third of an acre with 81 feet of waterfront. A shared dock with boat lift means guests can arrive without dealing with traffic.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,940-square-foot house and lot are priced at $1,375,000. Whether through excellent staging or the owner’s great taste, see if the furnishings are included. They may be retro in just the right way in just the right place.