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Entertain in a gated estate in Clyde Hill

Modern elegance and luxury for guests and family alike

Via VDB Estates

Two signs that a house is a luxurious estate: It’s gated, and and the listing doesn’t even bother to show off the pool. This Steven D. Smith creation was completed this year with such a wealth of distractions it is easy to overlook the whole five bedrooms.

For $6,998,000, expect a surplus of possibilities.

First, the setting: Clyde Hill with a sunset view of Lake Washington, Seattle, and the Olympics. Surround the house with almost a half an acre of land and enjoy a buffer that reinforces the feel of an estate.

Second, the size. At 7,627 square feet, the house has the room for large celebrations, gatherings, parties, and maybe even some fundraisers.

An outdoor great room has the view as a backdrop, a fireplace, the comforts of a living room, and a kitchen large enough for feasts. Step inside for a modern formal living and dining room. Wander around to find more intimate sitting areas that are equally elegant.

A wet bar is complete with a counter, a couple more sitting areas, and the crowning exhibit, a glass-enclosed wine cellar that displays the bottles as works of art. Calling it a cellar may not be as appropriate as calling it a gallery for wine.

A tour of the indoor kitchen facilities reveals work areas and serving spaces that could feed a full house. It looks like even the butler’s pantry has an extra oven, cooktop, refrigerator, and yet more work surfaces.

The six bathrooms are a reminder that living there includes personal pampering for the most basic needs.

When the crowds shrink to a few family and friends, settle into the media room, maybe with some leftovers from the party and a glass of wine.