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A 1905 Vashon beach house with tons of tiny bonuses

The fun doesn’t stop at the house with space for work and play

Via Windermere

A 1905 house by the beach is quaint and appealing to command a price of $499,995, but details that this 1,350-square-foot house distinctive. There’s even more to make the whole half-acre lot stand out.

Take a two-bedroom, two-bathroom, wood-frame house with a steep roof, covered porches, give it a view of Vashon’s shoreline, and create the sort of place that many people dream about.

Inside, find broad-plank ceilings, softwood floors, and a light ambiance that seems dedicated to sunny days by the water. Even the kitchen is light tones from the wood cabinets to the butcher block counters to the stainless steel appliances. The claw foot tub and attic bedrooms are perfect for relaxing.

The mudroom is the hint that there’s more going on outside.

Someone’s been expressing themself by filling the rest of the lot with more places to relax, entertain, work, and play.

A dedicated office is a natural in today’s world. A shop is always welcome for people who dive into projects. Raised beds and a long flowering trellis match nicely with a greenhouse.

Look closer and find yet more enticing details: the outdoor fireplace in a tile chimney in the wall of one of the outbuildings. Posts made from solid, silvered tree trunks support the roof over yet another sitting area.

Continue roaming around the yard and come across a place to pamper bicycles and store boats, a sauna, and places for cooking and enjoying a barbecue.

A picnic table has a dedicated brick patio for its footprint. Mini-decks sit at various heights providing yet more places to sit and relax. The bike shed and boat storage are built from some of the same rustic materials in a shabby chic style.

A two-story outbuilding that stands out without description. In Seattle, it might be an ADU. On Vashon, don’t be surprised if it is something unique and unexpected.

The way people lived here defined the place much more than data can show. Yet another reason to take those house tours.