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Enjoy the city life at sea in this Eastlake floating home

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Two bedrooms and zero compromises

Kathy Oman/Big Camera Production

This floating home was originally built in 1910, but it was remodeled from the float up in 2014 by Franzen Renovations. The result is a northwest contemporary marvel that could stand on its own, whether on land or water. (Although the lake is, of course, the most fun part.)

The design by Marilyn Deering features a main living area with cathedral ceilings and large windows to take in the ocean air.

This main, open space contains a living area, a kitchen, and, tucked under the second floor and exposed beams, a breakfast nook complete with a bench. An iron stove keeps things cozy even on chilly nights.

Barn doors lead to a cozy bedroom, or a hallway leads to the master bedroom—complete with a walk-in closet.

Barn doors lead to the small, first-floor bedroom, and stairs lead to a loft above with a more gentle ceiling vault, still benefiting from the loads of light coming from the living area.

Here, there’s plenty of space for some combination of office, library, and den. The previous owners even fit a piano—a luxury during a life on the water. A door leads back into a large balcony for sunbathing, barbecues, or just enjoying the view.

The home is moored to a condo dock, so the slip is secure, another factor contributing to this million-dollar listing. The Eastlake location is a sweet spot: You can walk right out your door and into your kayak, or right up to your neighborhood bar. The best of both worlds.