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A tiny in Tacoma fits a lot into 786 square feet

A modern update of a 1941 bungalow opens opportunities


Think back to 1941. Simplicity and frugality were in fashion out of necessity. So fitting three bedrooms and one bathroom into 786 square feet was no problem. There’s still lots of privacy in this tiny space.

The $194,500 house has sat on a 5,998-square-foot lot in Tacoma for 76 years. A lot has changed since then, but being able to get by on very little thanks to compromises is back in style.

It looks like very little has been left untouched. The listing’s list of updates includes just about everything except the foundation, studs, and heating. With all of those improvements, the house looks fresh.


Stainless steel appliances, slab granite counters, and tile floors are trendy and in place. They’re all materials that should last a long time.


Add low maintenance choices to plenty of recent upgrades and it may be possible to take a vacation from house repairs for a long time.

A couple of places for projects are available to fill spare time. A basement that has somehow remained unfinished for decades is ready for someone’s hobbies or a retreat. Why not a media room? They’re not just for mansions anymore.

Outside, the yard seems remarkably unencumbered. Gardeners and landscape designers are treated to a flat lot with a long front lawn. Plant a tiny orchard and create more privacy.

A tiny house can hold a lot, keep the workload low, and enable a wealth of projects. Nice to get all of that for under $200K.