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15 photos of dogs enjoying Skagit Valley’s tulips and daffodils

What’s better than pretty flowers and adorable dogs?

Alex O’Neal/Flickr

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival kicked off on Saturday, and while the tulips are not quite in full bloom yet, the daffodils are are ready for action.

The festival runs every year from April 1 through April 30 up north, around Mount Vernon, La Conner, and the surrounding county. Sightseers walk through row upon row of tulips and daffodils, driving from field to field—and if they’re around at the right time, there’s a parade and other floral festivities.

Because of the picturesque surroundings, tulip season in Skagit Valley is popular for painting, photography, frolicking, and just general sightseeing. And, as with many of the outdoor activities the Pacific Northwest has to offer, dogs often come along for the ride. (Check to see if your dog’s allowed in any of the fields before you bring them along, though.)

Dogs may be humans’ best friends, but the Tulip Festival is Instagram’s best friend. Combine the two and they are an unstoppable springtime force. Here are 15 photos of dogs (and one bonus cat) tiptoeing through the tulips.

Shih tzu Chloe is all ready for her close-up with bows that match the blooms.

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Xander sets out to explore a flowery field.

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Kona reflects among the daffodils.

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Douglas seems unsure what to do with all these daffodils as his buddy Gus strikes a pose.

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Black lab Mater seems at peace among the blooms.

Golden retriever Riley enjoys a gust of wind while exploring a daffodil field.

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This buddy fits right into the pastel landscape.

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Kittyboy enjoys the scenic route.

Lulu hitches a ride on Blizzard.

Ozzie and Ripley stand at attention in a field full of daffodils.

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This blissed-out golden enjoys some purple blooms.

Juneau the Labradoodle gives a blep.

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Not a dog.

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The tulips are taller than this little yorkie.

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This floofy pom toured the tulips from the comfort of a purse.

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Sophia gives a big smile in front of some two-color tulips.