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Here’s how to serve on the Renters’ Commission

Applications are now open

An apartment building with outside entrances to the units and colorful doors—red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Jesse Noone/Flickr

Want to help the city learn more about life as a renter? The Seattle Renters’ Commission is accepting applications for its first-ever lineup.

The commission will consist of 15 renters: six appointed by council, six by the mayor, one young adult through the YMCA Get Engaged program, and two more chosen by the commission once it gets rolling.

To serve on the commission, members to be current renters within the city limits.

The City Council said in a press release that they expect the commission to be made up of a diverse group of renters from all across the city facing specific challenges or barriers to housing. This includes students, low-income renters, LGBTQ renters, people with past felony convictions, people in subsidized housing, and those who have experienced homelessness.

The Seattle City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to create the commission two weeks ago.

“It’s about having an elevated voice. Especially since those voices tend to be young people, queer people, students, people of color, low to moderate income people. We know those people are underrepresented,” Capitol Hill Community Council President Zach DeWolf, who pushed for the ordinance, told Curbed Seattle when it was first introduced.

The ordinance was met with largely positive reception. The Rental Housing Association of Washington, who represents landlords in the area, wasn’t strictly opposed to the ordinance—but they wanted landlords to have a seat on the council.

Interested parties can apply on a Google form set up by the city, pick up an application at City Hall at the Seattle City Council main office, or contact Seferiana Day with Coucilmember Tim Burgess’s office at (206) 684-8806 to have one mailed to them.

This article has been updated since its original publication.