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How much did Seattle rent go up (or down) in April?

The monthly rankings are in

An apartment building with bay windows, viewed from inside a courtyard. Daniel Spils/Flickr

Seattle one bedroom rent had virtually no change or went up more than 7 percent in the last month, depending on who you ask. Year over year, though, it’s a different story: While some data-crunchers showed small increases, others found a marked decrease.

By Zumper’s rankings, one- and two-bedrooms both saw a decrease month over month, although one bedrooms still went up 3.4 percent from this time last year. Two bedrooms saw a dramatic drop in price from this time last year: 6.6 percent.

Zumper was the only listing site to give us data on studio apartments. With a median price of $1,450, studios saw a 5.5 percent jump over the last month, but compared to this time last year, the increase is smaller: 2.8 percent.

We still ranked eighth in the country by their calculations, with a median one-bedroom rent of $1,810.

While Seattle didn’t make the top 10 in Abodo’s monthly ranking, our increase did: A 7.24 percent jump in one-bedroom rent over the previous month was the fourth-highest jump in the country.

Over the past year, though, one-bedroom apartment rent has fallen by more than 8 percent.

Two bedrooms, according to Adobo’s rankings, saw a rise in rent in the past month, too, at 6.23 percent. That tempers to around 4 percent looking at the whole year.

Apartment List (AL) saw virtually no change from last month in Seattle’s rent—just half a percent increase overall. Year over year, Seattle’s rent went up by about 5 percent.

For clarity, we’ve aggregated the three different listing site’s median rent calculations below. To keep things simple, we’ve included only year over year change.

How much did Seattle rent go up (or down) in April 2017?

Listing site Studio Year over year One-bedroom Year over year Two-bedroom Year over year
Listing site Studio Year over year One-bedroom Year over year Two-bedroom Year over year
Apartment List N/A N/A $1,650 N/A $2,250 N/A
Zumper $1,450 2.8% $1,810 3.4% $2,400 -6.6%
Abodo N/A N/A $1,575 -8.5% $2,034 4.1%
Apartment List, Zumper, Adobo

How does the rest of the area fare? AL provides a micro view of rent in the entire Seattle metropolitan area.

Their most recent calculations rank Seattle’s overall rent second in the area—Bellevue, like last month, has a higher median rent. Following along in third is Redmond, although their one-bedroom rent actually outpaces Seattle’s by more than $100 a month.

The biggest growth AL saw was in Tacoma. By their math, the City of Destiny saw a jump of more than 10 percent, compared to Seattle’s 4.5 overall.