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Retreat to a waterfront tiny house on Henry Island

Tiny house, tiny appliances, tiny chores, more time on the water

Coldwell Banker

Sit beside a sheltered bay, watching the tides and the wildlife. Leave a lot of worries behind because the cabin is a tiny, and so are most of its chores.

The 425 studio cabin sits on a long, skinny lot—about three quarters of an acre—on Henry Island. It is a sweet setting. The private dock floats on the sheltered waters of Nelson Bay. Sail up and pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist. Cross the water to Roche Harbor and enjoy the luxuries of the resort.

Coldwell Banker

Sit inside and relax into a corner room view of a quintessential Salish Sea setting. Sit outside and soak up sun and silence. Get more active by crabbing and fishing for dinner, or just playing on the water or the beach.

NWMLS / Coldwell Banker

The listing calls it a camping cabin. Some will see the cabin as luxury enough, compared to a tent. Others will probably balk at the lack of running water. Get used to using an outhouse.

Because it is a studio, there aren’t any true bedrooms, although there is a divider for a bit of privacy.

Getting away for a week or a month is easy as long as the pantry and the propane are properly stocked.

Tiny appliances may not be showpieces, but this isn’t a place for grand dinner parties—unless they’re crab feasts held outside. The kitchen shares the space with the living room, sharing the windows with the view of the water.

A bonus: The place comes furnished. That eases that other chore of trying to figure out how to haul furniture to the place.