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Linc’s Tackle site will become supportive housing for the homeless

The site will be developed by Plymouth Housing Group

Plymouth Housing Group’s Pat Williams apartments in South Lake Union
William Wright Photography

Plymouth Housing Group will develop the current site of Linc’s Tackle into permanent, supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness after the shop closes, the nonprofit announced Tuesday.

The development will happen after the owners of the beloved International District tackle shop, located at 501 Rainier Avenue South, retire.

Plymouth develops housing and support services for people experiencing homelessness.

They operate on a “housing first” model—aptly, an approach that provides housing while people receive whatever support they need, like medical attention or counseling. Studies have shown that the method is effective at preventing homelessness—and, with its proactive approach, costs less than other methods.

Plymouth is still working out exact plans for the site, but Grants and Communications Manager Amanda Vail tells Curbed Seattle that they’re “planning to develop 85-95 units of permanent supportive housing with community-friendly non-residential space.”

They’re working with community groups, including Friends of Little Saigon and Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority, to make sure the project is “an appreciated addition to the neighborhood,” Plymouth said in a release.

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News of Linc’s Tackle’s closure broke late last year, when owners Jerry and Maria Beppu announced their retirement.

Jerry told the Seattle Times that he knew it was time when he couldn’t tie a knot for a customer. At the time, the paper reported at the time that a four-story office building was slated for the land.

The shop, first owned by Jerry’s father, Linc, has been operating in its current location since 1950, and has been owned by the family since the 1930s.

Plymouth purchased the land from the Beppus for $3.5 million.

Linc’s tells us that they’ll shut their doors “probably at the end of April.”