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Live the hotel life in this Four Seasons Residence for rent

Yes, you can order room service

Paul Clark

Have $6500 a month to spare on rent? That’s what this condo is going for at the Four Seasons, right next to Pike Place Market.

The 16th-floor unit boasts Downtown views from floor-to-ceiling windows in most rooms—including the walk-in closet. Two bedrooms, a bonus room, and a bathroom and a half make this condo a full suite.

Paul Clark

Residential units in the Four Seasons are normally sold as condos. They rarely go up for rent; we’re told this is only the second time one of the owners has looked for a tenant.

Rental or no, it comes with the full, hotel-life works: Amenities include maid service, spa access, a concierge, and valet parking—plus two parking spots. Residents have use of the pool and hot tub, in this case located on a sun deck with a view of Elliott Bay. You can even order room service.

Basically, you’d be living a life like Eloise. (Except pets aren’t allowed in the rental, so you couldn’t have a pug dog in tow.)

The monthly price tag is pretty steep, but hey, that’s about $215 a night—kind of a steal at the Four Seasons.