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Run—or row—away to a private island outside Olympia

A mainland cabin and an island cabin for on- and off-grid adventures

Via Virgil Adams

At first look $950,000 seems steep for a 792 square foot cabin—but add a private island and it’s impressive, regardless of the size of the house.

Welcome to an island inside Lake St. Clair near Olympia, part of property that also includes a parcel on the mainland.

A cabin sits on the mainland with old-style tongue-in-groove walls and wood flooring, with modern features like a propane fireplace and full-size appliances. Exposed beams emphasize the rustic cabin feel, as does the bracketry for the kitchen cabinets.

The mainland lot is 12,213 square feet, so there’s plenty of room for parking and parties. Launching canoes and kayaks is relatively easy thanks to more 100 feet of waterfront along a lake, without the tides of a saltwater shore.

NWMLS / Virgil Adams

But the real attraction is probably the private, four-acre island. Row over to the much more rustic cabin and find a place ready for nature retreats in and around an old forest. Indoors, a classic old wood stove anchors a large, open space. Outdoors, clearings and trails look ready for dozens of visitors—and lots of boat rides to get there and back.

A septic system for a four bedroom house is installed on the island. That should accommodate extra visitors, if they don’t visit too long or too often.

Be accessible on the mainland—or enjoy the moat that keeps the rest of the world at a distance.