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5 of the most affordable homes in Burien

All under $400K, all older than half a century

This week’s tour of neighborhoods finds Burien with over two dozen homes to pick from. Here are five of the most affordable, all for $335,000 or less.

Via Berkshire Hathaway

This three-bedroom, one-bathroom house is listed a having 1,760 square feet of living space, much of the home is unfinished. There’s an opportunity for a remodeling project. The $269,950 package includes a 9,844-square-foot lot and a couple of outbuildings. It was built in 1944 and has a few dated pieces. Enjoy the retro feel or update and upgrade.


At just under three hundred thousand ($298,000) is a four-bedroom, two-bathroom rambler that was built in 1942, just as Boeing was building up. The 1,510-square-foot house sits on a 7,405-square-foot lot. Newer, white appliances in the kitchen and a modern plastic shower surround show some upgrades have happened since then. Is it time for the next round?

Via Windermere

For a nice round $300,000 there’s a three bedroom, two bathroom, 1,860 square-foot 1958 basement rambler has a five-car garage. That’s either room for small fleet or a chance to free up some shop and project space.

The terraced, 8,712-square-foot lot includes a large sun porch that may be the largest room in the house, besides the huge, unfinished basement. Check out the kitchen’s period cabinetry and flooring.

Via Keller Williams

Prim and proper and placed behind a white picket fence is a small, two bedroom, 1945 icon of a house. The kitchen is an exercise in white tile, cabinets, and walls, with a few accent tiles in the backsplash. The one bathroom in the 850 square-foot house has more playful tiles wrapping the tub and shower. The house and the 7,620-square-foot lot are listed at $310,000.

Via Remax Metro Associates

The fifth of the five is both the largest, at 1,900 square feet; on the biggest lot, with more than a third of an acre; and the oldest, built in 1928. It also boasts a view of the Space Needle, the Great Wheel, and one of Boeing’s plants.

Inside are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full-height unfinished basement. The listing includes few photos, but maybe the price—$335,000—is incentive enough for a tour.