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A tiny house hides inside a Magnolia garden

Simple style and a sauna are timeless comforts

Courtesy of Rik Keller

It would be easy to label this 420-square-foot tiny house in Magnolia as trendy, but it’s been there since 1949— today’s trends with yesterday’s style.

Little touches make this little one-bedroom, half-bathroom home special.

The wood trim around the windows and doors that’s typical of the era also wraps and borders the ceilings, room dividers, and closets. Windows marked by a grid of panes or stripes turn boring plate glass into style that doesn’t get in the way.

A built-in window couch is ready for cozy-ing up with a book and a cup of tea. Built-in storage makes use of space that would be wasted in most larger homes.

An efficient kitchen and dining area are just right for two, and maybe a few more. Emphasizing natural materials like wood continue the Northwest feel.

Rik Keller / Keller-Williams

The attention to detail continues throughout the home. A custom closet distinguishes the bedroom. The bathroom only has a shower, but that takes up less space. Warm, wood-panel walls make the room look similar to a sauna.

For a comparison, go outside to the actual sauna—big enough for several guests.

Set amongst the foliage, it becomes a forest retreat within the city limits.

Mature rhodies, azaleas, and cedars carpet much of the lot with native, natural beauty that is also low maintenance.

Step back out front and appreciate the classic cottage style, the winding path to the bright red deck and partly covered porch. It’s a combination that probably looked at home when it was built, just as it does now. The difference? Today’s price is $450,000.