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Seattle could get a peek at 70-degree weather this week

We’re getting a preview of summer—just maybe not the sun


Dig those fans out of the closet, because it’s supposed to heat up this week. The National Weather Service (NWS) announced on Twitter that Thursday and Friday this week, temperatures are supposed to hit the early 70s.

A NWS meteorologist told the Seattle Times that temperatures could get up to the mid-70s. Current forecasts for 98101 predict a high of 71 on Wednesday and 75 on Thursday.

The last time the city even broke 70 was back in November—and if temperatures reach that 74 degree mark, Seattle will be the warmest its been since September 26.

Don’t break out the beach blankets yet, though; these forecasts don’t call for mostly-sunny days. Wednesday’s forecast predicts a chance of rain. According to KOMO’s forecast, thunderstorms could come along with that warmth on Thursday.

So while Seattleites get a break from the cold, they may not get a break from dampness.

Seattle has a reputation for being a little wetter than a lot of places, but the last six months have been a doozy: This past October through April has been the wettest since recordkeeping began in 1895, with 45 inches of rainfall.

That six months was also the coldest it's been since the ‘80s, though, so the warm weather could be a welcome break for those who don’t like the cold.

Still, the next few days should still be a fun time for people who enjoy the Pacific Northwest meteorological chaos. Either way, come this weekend, predicted high temperatures drop back down to the low ‘60s.