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Live in historic luxury in this Bainbridge Island estate

Not much has changed here since 1916

Mike Seidl

This 1908 estate tucked away by Bainbridge Island’s south beach and Restoration Point has the headlines that come with the location: The secluded corner of the island provides both privacy and sweeping views. But it’s the meticulously-preserved history that really makes this home stand out.

Many of the families that live down here, listing agent Marilyn Smith tells us, have lived in the area for generations. This property is just waiting for the next chapter.

The property features two main buildings: A carriage house and a large, 1916 waterfront home, for a whopping total of eight bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and 5,170 square feet of living space.

It’s hard to choose the showstopper here. The main house, which hosts five of the bedrooms, features a gabled roof, large fireplaces, built-in wooden cabinets, and a wealth of historic accents.

Between the old-growth cedar walls, fir floors, and dramatic exposed beam ceilings, the interiors absorb the gorgeous wooded environment outside. French doors lead from the open living area on the lower floor directly to the Puget Sound.

The carriage house frames the estate’s entrance—although the path runs along the side, the building’s gate-like structure from its days as an actual carriage house is preserved. It has its own incredible bones: more gables, a dramatically sloped roof, even a turret-like structure.

Inside, the carriage house is also lovingly preserved, complete with what looks like original cabinetry.

Of course, the grounds themselves are also in the running. The massive 23,522-square-foot lot sits along a chunk of waterfront with a little bit of everything: a lush lawn, beaches, downtown Seattle views, and a vantage point for watching ships.

Part of the water is walled away for calm, private swims.

Mike Seidl

The price for the whole lot is $2 million—less half the price of the last home on Beans Bight we noted was for sale, but with a lot more history behind it.