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Be eco-conscious and modern on Holmes Point

Less time working, more time playing: a great luxury

Via Windermere

Modern can be much more than a look. It can also be the way a house works. This $2,500,000 eco-conscious modern home in Kirkland could be more tempting for how it handles sunshine and rain than its curb appeal alone.

Modern homes are known for their walls of windows. Walls of windows also define greenhouses—and managing that heat can be an issue. This house has active solar shading and a collection of open awnings that manage those photons.

Modern homes are also known for their flat roofs. This one discreetly captures the rain, filters it, and stores it in a catchment system. Put the two design choices together and find a much more comfortable August on the water.

The water is featured thanks to 62 feet of Lake Washington shoreline on the 10,055 square-foot waterfront lot. Both the boats and the jetskis can sit on lifts, which means less time for maintenance and more time for play.

This modern home is also a modern build: 2012. That means new appliances and new systems. It’s even wired for solar.

It all combines to create a clean, minimalist, and efficient style for a four-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,660-square-foot house.

A great blending of the indoors and outdoors is on the top floor. It may be a balcony, but it is also effectively a room that’s been left open to the world. The covered living space blends into the form of the house without standing out. Sit back from a fine vantage and enjoy a fine vintage as the boats sail by.

Modern materials mean clean, low maintenance choices like concrete floors and planked cement siding. Less time working, more time playing. A great luxury.