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Take a peek at W Seattle’s newly-redesigned rooms

The design mixes nature, grunge, tech, and aviation

The W Seattle Hotel got an interior makeover earlier this year: guestrooms, corridors, lobbies, reception, and all.

New York-based design studio Krause Sawyer sought to combine grunge, tech, aviation, and the outdoors—all things that would be in a caricature of Seattle for sure—in the renovation, combining a distressed aesthetic with details taken from both nature and engineering.

It’s a challenge to mix all of those together rather than focus on one or two. Here’s what they went for.

In guestrooms, a wood grain-look print covers the headboard—the same print stretches along the headboard side of the wall. To add an aviation element, they printed a plane on a decorative pillow.

The carpet is supposed to depict, as they put it, “overlapping layers of patterns from sonic pulses and equalizer meters” and look somewhat like an airport runway.

The largest master suite—called “Extremely Wow” despite a disappointing lack of Shiba Inus—takes a different approach.

The headboard features a gold-colored, plush-looking recessed geometric design. It’s supposed to be reminiscent of first-class airplane seats, but looks a little more like a golden cave.

A bar nods to a turntable setup behind a large table.

Krause Sawyer calls the whole concept “urban lodge.”

The whole effect—especially the “living room” lounge—is not unlike the Museum of Popular Culture in overall effect, with a heavy fistful of musical influence combined with glossy, abstract shapes. It’s a high-priced version of trends that emerged from a scrappier Seattle, fitting for a luxury hotel.