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Watch the Twin Peaks premiere in the real Twin Peaks

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That’s Snoqualmie and North Bend

Courtesy of Salish Lodge & Spa

The premiere of the Twin Peaks revival series is coming up fast: It premieres May 21 at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

And while Seattle will no doubt have its share of viewing parties, there’s a chance to watch the show at one of the series’s most iconic filming locations.

The original series was largely filmed in North Bend and Snoqualmie, where many notable landmarks still stand for all your Twin Peaks tourism needs, like the R&R (otherwise known as Twede’s), The Great Northern Hotel (officially, Salish Lodge and Spa), or the Blue Diamond motel (Mount Si Motel).

The Salish Lodge and Spa, shown in the opening credits next to the waterfall, has really taken its cult status to heart, and has fully embraced Twin Peaks tourism. They have a Twin Peaks map, “damn fine coffee” cocktails—even housemade cherry pie (although that was feature of the Double R, not the Great Northern Hotel).

So naturally, they’re having their own premiere party. But they only have so much space—so tickets are only going to those willing to stake their social media reputation on the thing.

Through Monday, they’re having people interact with them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to enter to win a coveted party spot—for example, a recent Facebook post asked fans to comment with their favorite quote.

Entries stack, so if you’re cool with your entire timeline coming from Salish Lodge, you could really stuff the ballot box in your favor.

If you don’t make it, though, you can always pack your favorite streaming device and go on a road trip to the old filming locations within driving distance. For that ambient setting, you can also grab a slice of pie and a cup of coffee at Twede’s.