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Jessyn Farrell jumps into the Seattle mayoral race

The transit advocate turned state rep is latest to vie for the office

Frank Fujimoto/Flickr

Washington State Representative Jessyn Farrell is entering a jam-packed race for Seattle mayor. Farrell, who represents Northeast Seattle in the Legislature, was first elected to her current position in 2012.

In a release, Farrell touted herself as a “champion of smart urban growth” and says she’s “worked to protect the rights of renters and transit commuters.”

This session, she sponsored legislation for tighter distracted driving laws. She also led a charge for increased pregnancy accommodations in the workplace.

Farrell is also the former executive director of Transportation Choices Coalition (TCC), an organization which advocates for expanded public transportation options. She’s continued that work fighting for expanded transportation funding in the legislature.

At her campaign announcement earlier today, Farrell called for increased density, and said she has the “track record and the skills” to solve city issues like the homelessness crisis and income inequality.

The mayoral race has become especially crowded since current mayor Ed Murray announced he wouldn’t be seeking re-election on Tuesday. Farrell’s colleague in the Legislature, State Senator Bob Hasegawa, announced his candidacy earlier this week. As of yesterday, U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan is also in; she makes her official announcement later today.

City Councilor Lorena González is also considering a run.

Candidates already in the mayoral race include Nikkita Oliver—one of the earliest to throw her hat in the ring—former mayor Mike McGinn, and urban planner Cary Moon.

Like Hasegawa, Farrell will face challenges with the legislature still in session. Since candidates can’t fundraise in session, it’s possible both candidates won’t be able to collect any campaign donations until the middle of summer.