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Bookshelves by wine bottles grace a tiny bungalow

The red claw foot tub is a fun touch

Via Keller Williams

Small things in a tiny house stand out. Holding onto bit of historic style helps.

Walk into this 1918 bungalow that sits on a 3,088 square-foot lot on Phinney Ridge and notice a wall of bookshelves. There are plenty of design features that are reminiscent of its era, but a wall devoted to any one thing sets a tone in a house. The house is 840 square feet, so it also means using every bit of storage available. Beside the book collection is a wine collection, one of the best pairings possible.

Aside from those more recent additions, the wood window and door trim in the living room and two bedrooms are the classic hints of a Craftsman influence. A picture rail helps hang art, or in this case, twinkle lights. It is the simplicity of the style that makes the house timeless. A red claw foot tub in the one bathroom is a playful nod to those classic times. The wainscoting is probably original, and still fits in nicely.

A porch, tiered decks, and flagstone patio are the beginnings of places to sit and relax among the gardens. Mature rhodies and ferns are set beside ornamental grasses and a few trees. There’s even a small bamboo forest embracing a walkway. With all of that foliage there isn’t as much room for a lawn. Trade frequent mowing for occasional weeding. A tool shed helps with storage that won’t have to clutter the house.

The house’s centennial is next year, plenty of time to settle in and embark on a few projects that will help it celebrate a century. The $580,000 price is below Seattle’s median home value. Maybe there’ll be room in that budget after all.