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A 1906 Beacon Hill bungalow lists at $550K

Remodeled inside. Chicken coop outside. New and old meet again.


Cedar shingle siding wrap this 1906 bungalow in traditional Northwest style. The 2005 remodel by Ninebark Architects is also a classic, a classic balancing of old and new.

Both hard and soft woods provide warm flooring. Wood slat ceilings are less common, and a reminder of the original construction. Someone put them up there over a hundred years ago and they’ve survived passing trends of popcorn ceilings and acoustic tiles. One alteration is the addition of modern fixtures.

Folks familiar with commercial kitchens may appreciate stainless steel that isn’t constrained to the appliances. The counters are sheets of metal that are lighter and less likely to chip than slabs of stone. Open overhead shelving provides airflow and connects the rooms, while also providing storage, of course.

At least one of the three bedrooms has modernistic closets and skylights that are relatively recent additions.

Check out the innovation shower in one of the one and three-quarter bathrooms. Large square tiles wrap the enclosure and extend to the flooring. The innovative use of space was putting the sink in the shower area, an all-in-one cleaning station.

They found room for an office and an entry/reading nook in the 1,200 square-foot house.

Outside, get rural in an urban neighborhood. A chicken coop, tool shed, and raised beds help gardeners grow their own food. The bonus is an insect eating patrol that produces eggs. Check to see if the flock is part of the deal.

A private deck and patio provide places to take that reading or dining outdoors. Simple pleasures.

One requirement for enjoying the house, successfully negotiating the deal for the $550,000 property.