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A $3M Modern sits on View Ridge

True NW fashion, trim modern materials with natural ones

Via Windermere

Somewhere under this very modern house sits one that was built in 1939. The remodel was so extensive that every aspect of the $2,988,000 house looks new. That’s one way to update the electrical and plumbing.

The house is modern but takes one step back from futuristic. In true Northwest fashion, wood softens the tone as broad expanses of flooring, in trim work around the windows and doors, and in cabinetry. Walls of windows, a gas fireplace, and steel railings take advantage of modern materials and designs to create rooms of refined minimalism.

Stainless steel and frosted glass are at home in the kitchen. They share the space with more wood, and slab counters. Tile floors help with spills.

Two dining areas make it easier to match the dinner party to the right space.

If there are two dining areas for entertaining, why not have two media rooms as well? One is on the lower level. The other sits higher and comes with the perpetual entertainment that is a view.

The 5,600 square-foot house has room for four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Lots of windows, tilework, and quality cabinetry define the bathrooms. Bedrooms typically lack any modern features, but this one adds a yoga study to the master suite. A healthy addition.

Today’s lifestyle almost demands an office. Usually, that’s just another bedroom. Here, it’s a dedicated room for a dedicated worker.

Life isn’t all about being inside. Outside, the 9583 square-foot lot is a mix of manicured lawn and gardens. A trellis patio winds vines and beams into yet another dining and entertainment space. Water cascades down a terraced feature, beside which is a staircase that leads to the lawn and a mysterious space under the patio. Maybe that’s where there are hints of 1939.