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A theatrical marvel in Magnolia lists at $775K

Celebrate an artist’s home that is filled with art

Via Windermere

The home of Peggy Scales, “a fixture in Seattle theater”, has come onto the Magnolia market at $775,000. It is more a series of sets than a set of rooms. Maybe that’s the way a house should be.

Expect whimsy and playful throughout. Start with the front porch that’s dressed as a garden retreat rather than an entrance. It makes its own entrance with a trellis backdrop decorated with wisteria. Sit there and enjoy, or use the custom front door with a special knocker (and is that a peephole where a keyhole should be?).

A phone booth in the eating nook could be historic, or a prop. In either case, finally there’s a place for private phone calls.

Every room is different. Styles and paint schemes give every space and character. The living room may be the most conventional. A similar sitting room is costumed in nautical pinstripes accented by a roll-down map. Check to see if that stays, or needs updating.

Each of the three bedrooms plays with a different theme. The master delights in romance. Another is painted in a fantastic array of colors and patterns. One heightens the nautical again in red, white, and blue with an innovative bench supported by chains, as if it is a solid ship hammock. Two bathrooms mean less chance of a line.

The 1,700 square-foot house has a much more serious kitchen tastefully done in white on white with a touch of white as if it is a canvas ready for color.

Another fun and quirky element is the indoor use of Dutch doors. Keep the kids and pets in their places while letting the air and noises flow.

Outside will be the key player for some. The gardens on the 6,400 square-foot lot are impressive. But, it the separate writer’s space can be a draw for those who appreciate a dedicated place for creativity and productivity that is also unconventional. That may describe the entire package, not just the room out back.