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$2.3M Queen Anne condo owns postcard views

Remodeled inside, with an view of Seattle’s expansion outside

Via Coldwell Banker

New condos are going up, but few will ever get views of downtown and the Sound like this one from 1970.

Via Coldwell Banker

There wasn’t as much city then, and that was the time to find the best places. They built it, and then Seattle built a view in front of it. Location alone may be sufficient reason for the price of $2,288,000 (plus $1,645 HOA). The 2,640 square-foot space sits above it all. The penthouse. The top floor. And then, there’s what’s inside.

This is Queen Anne, so crown molding, arches, and occasional faux columns hint at the historic nature of the neighborhood. Gas fireplaces are a bit more modern, as is the accent lighting.

The more modern pieces are part of a recent remodel that brought in marble counters, granite floors, and cherry cabinets to the kitchen. Naturally, the appliances are stainless steel. Smartly, the kitchen is left open enough so the cook can enjoy the view, too. Glass display cases set high don’t interrupt the sights or the light.

A dramatic change in the marble flooring delineates the formal dining area that lines itself up with a view out to the Olympics and sunsets. Perfect for a dinner party.

It should be no surprise that the master suite gets to see the Needle, too. The three bedrooms and two and three-quarter bathrooms are the core of the condo, and are nicely appointed.

As nice as the inside is, it may be just as tempting to sit on the balcony and enjoy the view. The city, Mt. Rainier, the Sound, the ships, and the Olympics are a variety of chapters to tune into. Others buy postcards of the panorama that just happens to come with the condo. Enjoy.