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Modern royalty graces Queen Anne

A prime location plus a major remodel enjoy iconic views

Via Gerrard Beattie & Knapp

It certainly doesn’t look like it was built in 1956. Thanks to a major remodel in 2007 this thoroughly modern mansion inherits a protected and iconic Seattle view.

Modern takes on old character shows in crown molding, columnar mantel, and a gas fireplace. No wood-burners, here. The furnishings may change with a new owner, but the view from the corner window will remain valuable.

It can take more time to cook a meal than serve and eat it, and the cook is likely to be the owner. The kitchen and the dining room have great views, but that may be why the kitchen’s is better. White cabinets don’t distract from the sights, and bounce the light into the house without making guests blink from the glare.

With a price of $7,500,000 don’t be surprised to find a power den. The same views, but the walls are kept richer, trimmed in dark wood, and open to a balcony. It’s good to take a break and watch the horizon after working on paperwork or the computer.

The stepped nature of the construction means several balconies to pick from, including one off the master suite. Four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms are more than statistics. Even with 5,677 square feet to fill, each room has a unique mix of features, whether that’s windows, walk-in closets, or sitting areas.

Outside, find a large, 15,000 square-foot lot. Intricately designed gardens and retreats cover the grounds. Enough room is left for a swimming pool, spa, and a cabana that keep in concert with the current take on traditional luxuries.

Such a package is impressive enough, but add its prime location on lower Queen Anne and enjoy the luxuries of the home and the convenience of Seattle’s culture.